6 Impactful Flooring Company Local SEO Tips

Flooring Company Local SEO Tips

SEO is a helpful tool if you are a flooring company trying to get more local customers. Local customers convert well, whether you get leads from Google Maps or regular Google searches. That’s why it’s essential to appear on every local SEO platform possible, so you get lots of chances to grab new prospects.

Below, Contractors Society of America examines six Local SEO tips for flooring companies.

1) Claim Your Google My Business Profile

You can immediately rank on Google Maps if you perform one simple task: claim your Google Business Profile. The former Google My Business listing is now called Google Business Profile, so head over to https://www.google.com/business/ and set up your new profile.

You may have to create an entirely new profile (but only if you don’t currently have a listing for your business). Ensure to submit accurate contact information because you must claim the profile via postcard, which is sent to the address you provided during the setup.

2) Submit Business Citations

Google is the #1 business citation, but others can strengthen local SEO for flooring companies. Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angi, Houzz, and BBB are examples of credible internet directories for local businesses. Citations transfer link equity to your website and help verify your contact info.

There are several ways to submit citations across the web, depending on your budget. For example, you can pay for a citations service like Whitespark, or you can submit your profiles manually, one by one. But, of course, paying for a service saves you a whole bunch of time and effort.

3) Publish Location Pages

Your flooring company’s website can rank for more local terms by publishing individual location pages. These pages should target specific cities within your service area. For example, a page titled flooring installation services in Houston, TX, would grab local consumers.

If you repeat the process for more than ten cities, be sure to diversify the content and provide unique information about the specific town. The last thing users want is spam-like local pages that copy and paste from the same content. Instead, consider routing local reviews to the right city pages.

4) Get More Reviews

There’s no way to sugarcoat the review generation process because you can’t skip steps in the process. To get more reviews, you need more customers, creating a puzzle for flooring contractors. One practical option is to send recent clients direct review requests via text and email.

Streamlining your review generation process is easier once your website ranks well on Google. As you gain more customers, you get more review opportunities. The hard part is convincing those first few customers to take the time to leave a positive review on your Google Business Profile.

5) Build Local Links

We mentioned how citations could get links to your website. However, those types of links are called nofollow, which means Google only treats them as a ranking hint. The most potent links come from follow links, which you’ll need to get from other local institutions with credible sites.

The best way to acquire links is by publishing informative content pieces. For example, consider sharing long-form blog posts about hardwood flooring on your social media pages and reach out to local businesses who may have an interest in the data. Besides that, always continue to network locally.

6) Establish Regional Authority

Most marketing firms talk about a concept called topical authority, which involves establishing your business as an authority for a specific topic. The same idea can translate to a region or city in which you service. We mentioned publishing location pages, but authority requires even more.

Try publishing 10-20 long-form blog posts about a specific location. Of course, these blog posts must still relate to the flooring industry and flooring services. As you publish more content about a particular city, be sure to interlink to your other regional pages. Eventually, Google will see you as an authority in this area.