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In the plumbing market, the landscape is constantly changing. Rules and regulations are revised, new products are introduced, and techniques are tweaked. Keep up with all the current events with access to our plumbing highlight news hub that compiles the information and updates you need to know about. Become a member of the Contractors Society of America today to take advantage of specialized plumbing news at your fingertips.

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Guidelines, Rules, and Regulations

As with any facet of construction, plumbers must follow rules set by various organizations throughout the industry. Noncompliance could result in fines, permanent license notation, or other consequences. Ensure that you stay caught up on all the current regulation and guideline changes that affect your projects with 24-hour access to our plumbing highlights. As a member of the Contractors Society of America, you receive access to the latest news, updates, and events happening within the plumbing landscape to help you stay up to date and on top of your local market.

Product and Technique Introductions

As a plumbing professional, you know that the best way to stay on top of your market is to offer the best service along with the highest-quality, most innovative products and materials.

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When you become a member of the Contractors Society of America, you have instant access to new product introductions, material review, and even technique discussions that can help you provide better, more innovative solutions and products to your customers. Be the first to know about recent technology and advancements and stay on the cutting edge of the plumbing world with the help of the Contractors Society of America.

The construction industry is competitive at best. When you want to be at the top of your game and your local market, access to current information and cutting-edge products is vital. When you become a Contractors Society of America member, you receive information and updates straight from the industry leaders you trust. With 24-hour access to upcoming events, plumbing news, and other construction and business updates, you can have the tools you need to take your business to new heights.