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As a top roofer in your market, it’s imperative to stay up to date on current events and happenings within the roofing and construction landscape. However, this takes up precious time that can be spent on site or on customers calls, so we seldom stay as current as we should. As a member of the Contractors Society of America, you receive current and accurate roofing industry news along with industry events, business tips, and more. Find out what you’ve been missing when you become a Contractors Society of America member.

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In the roofing industry, regulations and guidelines are paramount. Our experts keep you up to date on policy changes as well as regulation changes or creation so that you are prepared and compliant, all the time. The Contractors Society of America also provides information on the latest techniques, methods, and tools to help you provide outstanding service that sets you apart from the crowd. Want to know about the latest roofing products and materials to hit the market? We provide details on all the newest products in roofing so you are sure to deliver the best to your client. Along with our construction and roofing industry news, we offer an event calendar to keep you up to date on all the major industry events, and we provide in-depth training and instruction material to ensure that your entire team is ready to provide unbeatable service. Then, learn how to put it all together with business and financial planning tips that keep your business in the black.

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Become a Contractors Society of America Member TodayAs a roofer in the modern construction industry, you can’t afford not to be a Contractors Society of America member. We provide the roofing industry news, information and details you need to stay abreast in your market and offer comprehensive training and information to help your team deliver unsurpassed service. With current information on new products and tools, training and informational resources, and a plug into the hottest industry events in the country, a Contractors Society of America can help your business stand out from the crowd. Become a member of the Contractors Society of America and begin taking advantage of up to date information and resources to grow your business like never before.