The Best Pest Control Truck Setup (Vehicles + Accessories)

Pest Control Truck Setup

Finding the best pest control truck setup can be an extensive process fueled by trial and error. But what if there were a way to skip all the headaches and find the optimal configuration right now?

2023 seems to be a great time to invest in a pest control business, but if that’s what you’re planning to do, you probably have some questions. So, Contractors Society of America will focus on your pest control truck setup, a particular but essential aspect of a pest control business. 

What Kind of Pest Control Vehicle Do You Need?

Before you can start thinking about what to keep in your vehicle, you will need to decide on a vehicle. At the very least, you will need a pickup truck with a shell. However, you may need a larger vehicle depending on the kind of services you render. 

For instance, if you only deal with insects, a pickup truck should work fine. However, if you also handle rodents and larger animals, you may need a large van. 

It’s also important to consider the safety regulations in your state. Most likely, you will be keeping a supply of chemicals and sprayers in your truck. These types of equipment need to be stored securely. Be sure to check out the laws in your area regarding the transportation of chemicals. 

Pest Control Truck Accessories

Ladder Racks

Again, the specific accessories you will need on your truck will depend on the kind of work you do. However, the basics of exterminator truck setup should include a ladder rack since you will most likely need to access high areas of a property. 

A ladder rack will make carrying different-sized ladders much easier and safer. You can have your ladder rack shelf-mounted or roof-mounted, and there is even a pull-down option for larger vehicles. 

Bed Liners

Another helpful customization for pest control trucks is heavy-duty bed liners. Since you will be keeping a supply of chemicals in your truck, it’s good to protect it against wear, tear, and spills with a bed liner. 

You can also take a look at some floor liners if you aren’t keeping any chemicals in the bed of your truck. While bed and floor liners aren’t essential, they’re still suitable investments as they will keep your vehicle looking presentable.

Bed Sliders

If you opt for a truck with an exceptionally long bed, you may want to look into a bed slider. A bed slider is a rollout rack that can hold heavy gear and other materials.

Then, instead of climbing back into your truck bed, you can pull the rack out while you’re still standing at the tailgate. Of course, bed sliders can be loaded up with a variety of equipment too. 

Skid Sprayer

You’ll more than likely need to carry an assortment of sprayers for different jobs. However, the most suitable kind of sprayer is a skid sprayer. Skid sprayers are typically gas-powered and have a strong outframe, so they can withstand the rigors of frequent transportation.

In addition, you can conveniently mount skid sprayers in the backs of pickup trucks which is perfect for pest control specialists. 

Tool Boxes

To have all the equipment you need with you at all times, you have to invest in a good truck toolbox. You will also likely need more than one. 

Consider the equipment you carry around on jobs; it’s all probably pretty expensive. You can lock truck toolboxes to secure your valuable equipment. There is a wide variety of truck toolboxes, so be sure also to consider the size and weight of the equipment you typically carry. As a result, a strong toolbox is essential to your pest control truck setup.