Women in Construction Week (History, Events, and More)

Women in Construction Week (Blog Cover)

Women in Construction Week is an annual celebratory week in March that highlights women in the construction industry by increasing awareness and emphasizing women’s achievements in the industry.

Upcoming Women in Construction Week Events

We project Women in Construction Week to be held on the first week of March, March 4-10, 2024.

History of Women in Construction Week

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) founded the Women in Construction Week in 1998. The group originated in 1953 and has grown to more than 4,000 members and 115 chapters.

Become a NAWIC Member

The NAWIC now has chapters in 47 states, creating an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to become members. Membership benefits include an expanded network of like-minded women, access to skills and leadership training, and ongoing career support.

Ways to Celebrate Women in Construction Week

Women still face various challenges in the male-dominated construction industry. One of the functions of Women in Construction Week is to raise awareness around these issues and present potential solutions in the future.

Here are some ways to celebrate Women in Construction Week:

1) Share Knowledge and Mentorship

Construction companies can benefit from mentorship programs where women are mentors and proteges. Distributing knowledge is one of the best ways to encourage more women to enter the industry. Knowledge sharing can be formal or informal in different cases.

2) Consuel Women in the Industry

The best way to gain awareness of women’s challenges in construction is to speak to them directly. Review external sources like the Hazard Girls podcast if your company does not have candidates for this dialogue. Try expanding your network within the industry.

3) Publish a Blog Post on Your Website

If you operate a construction company or organization with a website, you can publish a blog post promoting Women in Construction Week. You can include original quotes from your employees and share the post on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin in 2024.

4) Participate on Social Media With Hashtags

If you’re on Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin, consider using hashtags in your posts, including #WICWeek, #WICWeek24, #WomenInConstructionWeek, etc. You can find more hashtag ideas by following NAWIC on Instagram.

5) Sponsor Educational Programs

Trade schools and job fairs often provide construction-based curricula to students and job seekers. You can sponsor some of these programs and encourage women to take part. The next step is encouraging women to apply for apprenticeships to learn on the job.

Examples of these programs include:

Final Thoughts

Women in Construction Week is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about women in the industry. You can lend your support by providing mentorship and educational opportunities to women and participating in the week through social media.

Most importantly, you can network with women currently working in the construction industry and create employment opportunities in your own company. Furthermore, you can expand your own knowledge base by listening to topical podcasts and talking with experts throughout the landscape.