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Innovative Roof Shingle Granules by 3M Can Actually Reduce Smog

In the midst of cool roofing development, 3M has designed a new way to be environmentally friendly in your roofing selection. Through innovative technology, 3M has created a form of roof shingle granule that actually reduces the amount of smog caused by nitrogen oxide in the environment.

A New Kind of Technology

3M Smog Reducing Granules

These Granules, Produced by 3M, Transform Dangerous Smog Into Harmless Water-Soluble Particles.

Tested by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the smog reducing granules deliver a chemical reaction when activated by UV rays which transform the nitrogen oxide into water-soluble ions. This is achieved through a photocatalytic coating that is applied to the base mineral of the shingle. These granules are blended with traditional granules to ensure the delivery of optimal color and design.

“The roofing granules are a first for residential asphalt shingles. The new 3M smog reducing granules will help roofing manufacturers develop high quality, aesthetically-pleasing shingles that can turn any roof into an active smog reducing catalyst, essentially becoming smog’s worst enemy,” says Frank Klink, senior laboratory manager, 3M.

A Larger Purpose

The smog reducing granules were introduced in early Summer 2018, just before the announcement of 3M’s Sustainability Value Commitment, made at the Dec 5 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24). The company says that a Sustainability Value Commitment will accompany every new product beginning in 2019.

“Sustainability is at the core of 3M—but we’re looking to do more,” said John Banovetz, Chief Technology Officer, 3M. “We are proud to formalize our commitment to this next step in innovating for a sustainable future.”

The commitment includes sustainability methods like recyclability, reusability, energy, water savings, responsible sourcing, and renewable materials. 3M has always been at the forefront of sustainability efforts including participation in the Pollution Prevention Pays program and has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 19 consecutive years.

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