Plumbing Updates

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3 Negotiation Strategies for Working with Hard Money Lenders

Finding lenders for any project can be difficult. Find out how these three strategies can help you come out on top. Read More.

Best Plumbing Service Software Providers

The software your business uses can mean the difference between success and failure. Get detailed information, benefits, and drawbacks of today’s leading plumbing software and find out which system is right for your needs. READ MORE.

Aquatherm Expands and Updates its Training Programs

Aquatherm, a leading piping system manufacturer, presents training programs and courses for optimal material utilization. READ MORE.


Tariff Updates Affecting Plumbing and Heating Industry

The United State Trade Representative has added more proposed products for the Section 301 investigation Relating to the Government of China. READ MORE.


Key Changes to City Building Codes Effective Immediately

St. Louis becomes the first city to adopt the 2018 suite of codes by the International Code Council (ICC). Find out What these changes mean and how they affect you. READ MORE.