4 Issues That Can Limit Swimming Pool Contractors’ Success

Swimming Pool Contractors (Blog Cover)

As a swimming pool contractor, you face some unique challenges. You must select your market very carefully and be aware of the best times to push your services. There are a lot of hurdles you have to leap over to make it in this industry. But whether you are just starting or are a seasoned vet, it’s helpful to stay mindful of the most common issues that plague pool builders. 

In the following post, we will be talking about the most common issues that can limit a swimming pool contractor’s success. And if at any time you want to learn more about what you can do to expand your business, improve your services and reach more people, get in touch with us here at Contractors Society of America.

1) Cost is a Factor

There are many neophyte pool contractors out there that think they are going to break into the market and make a name for themselves by outpricing the competition. And while undercutting costs may earn you some initial business, you will likely have to cut corners to stay within budget. And in the pool contracting business, shoddy work shows quicker than in other contractor industries. Pricing too low can cannibalize your own business. You will earn a reputation for sub-par work, and that initial rush of customers you got will dry up once when people perceive your company as low-quality.

The fact is that people prefer quality when it comes to pools. And while pricing your work at an average or even premium price may make finding initial customers harder, it is more sustainable in the long-run. Carefully consider the average price for building a pool in your market. Do your best to offer low prices but never opt to do shoddy work. 

2) Lack of Experience

Just because you own a backhoe doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get into the pool building business. There is a perception of this work that it is easy. This perception seems to be especially prevalent when talking about fiberglass pool installation. But many pool contractors fail because they lack the skill and experience. 

Contractors get into the business, thinking they have all the tools and equipment they need – which they very well might. But they don’t realize that this is serious work that requires a lot of know-how and precision to do well. 

For instance, a lot of general contractors consider offering pool building service. They ask us, “can a general contractor build a pool?” and the answer is almost always no. First of all, if you have never installed a pool before, you aren’t likely to be very good at it at first. Second of all, most states require a separate license for any specialized contracting work over $500 – this includes pool building.

3) Failure to Adapt

For some reason, the pool building industry seems to be one of the slowest to adapt to the digital age changes. Pool contracting businesses that have been around for decades are finding that their customer pool (no pun intended) is shrinking because they are not taking to the internet to market their services and educate the market.

Nowadays, people want to work with contractors who have some authority in their field. And the way they find these authoritative companies is the internet. If you are not utilizing content marketing or social media to help establish yourself as an authority in the pool contracting business, you will likely lose out on customers. 

4) Unfocused Business Plans

When it comes to swimming pool contractors, you have to find your niche. Most consumers think that all swimming pool contractors are more or less the same and that hiring one isn’t much different than hiring another. Establishing yourself as an expert in one or a few pool building aspects is essential to your success.

If you can make yourself stand out to consumers in one way or another, you will be setting yourself up to thrive. Think about the unique skills or areas of expertise you and your team possess. Are you exceptionally skilled at building vinyl liner pools? Are you the best at constructing concrete pools? Do you have an in-depth knowledge of above-ground pools? Do you emphasize customer consultation to help them decide which pool system is right for them?

Ask yourself these and similar questions and begin focusing your efforts on promoting what it is that makes your business unique. Too many pool companies get lost in the seemingly indistinguishable mix of contractors and end up failing. Don’t let this happen to you.

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