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Luis Ramirez, Chief Operations Officer at Dialight

Find out how the installation of LED lighting in commercial settings can help prevent toxic risk from Mercury and UV radiation.

OSHA, Industry Stakeholders Renew T&D Safety Partnership

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has resigned its Electrical Transmission and Distribution (ET&D) partnership agreement with industry stakeholders for another five years. Concentrating on best practices and proper safety training within the industry, the partnership will affect every worker in the industry.

Electrical Updates

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Klein Tools® “State of the Industry”: Millennials Prefer Multi-Functional Tools Compared to Other Generations

Klien Tools Releases it’s latest study of the electrical industry and the most used tools for today’s workers. Read More.

President Trump Speaking at Electrical Contractors Convention, Leaders say

On the heels of the signing of “The Pledge to America’s Workers”, The National Electrical Contractors Association has announced that President Donald Trump will speak at this week’s Electrical Contractor’s Convention in Philidelphia. Read More.

As Russians Target Our Electrical Grid, Here’s What’s Needed To Protect It

The electrical landscape has a new enemy. Find out what steps are being taken to defend our electrical grid, and what you can do in your business. READ MORE.

New Electrical Standards to Impact Sparkies and Property Owners

Find out what new standards are coming into play in 2019 and what you need to do to prepare yourself. READ MORE.


Compulsory Five-Year Electrical Checks for Landlords

New guidelines for landlords require 5-year electrical checks for all residences. Find out what they should include. READ MORE.