What COVID-19 Could Mean For Electricians


COVID-19 for Electricians Cover

As a skilled tradesman, COVID-19 has almost certainly impacted your business in some way.

But for many tradesmen, like electricians, your work is considered essential, and therefore; you can continue working even under stay-at-home orders in many cases.

So what is the responsibility of an electrical company and an electrician during these uncertain times?

Communicate Digitally

Your customers are going to want to know what the deal is. But you can’t answer every phone call since the volume has tripled, in many cases.

Instead, you want to make your stance on COVID-19 accessible online.

There are a few ways to do this:

Google My Business

Perhaps the easiest way to display information regarding coronavirus procedures is through your Google My Business listing. GMB has new features that allow you to specify whether you are remaining open during the crisis. You can also add Google Posts further detailing your points of emphasis.

Company Website

Your main website should have a notice that explains your COVID-19 procedure and whether your company is remaining open. As an electrician, it is likely that you are an essential worker and therefore should demonstrate that in your website notice. The notice should either appear at the very top of your site or should pop-up automatically to visitors so that they don’t miss it.

Exercise Precautions with Staff & Customers

Since the virus is contagious, the last thing you want is to spread it to one of your staff or especially to one of your customers. That’s why you should exercise every precaution before attempting to conduct a service. It starts with staff accountability and a strong message that any symptoms should be taken seriously, and that technician should stay home.

COVID-19 Notice

Follow The Guidelines

Make sure you follow CDC guidelines for coronavirus prevention. After all, you should not trust any non-reputable source to explain how to prevent the virus from spreading. There are lots of opportunists looking to profit off of fear, economic turmoil, and other anxieties spreading across the globe.

Show Leadership in Your Community

How you handle crisis goes a long way towards building your reputation for the future. Studies show that customers remember the performance of services during times of crisis more than in normal times. As an electrician, this means that prioritizing safety and also performance can go a long way.

Ease Customer Concerns

Customers aren’t going to want irresponsible workers coming in their homes during this time of great crisis. The best way to prove your safety is to demonstrate the precautions you are taking, in detail. Whether that is wearing gloves, masks, and other protective materials, to monitoring all staff members for even the slightest symptoms. Make sure your clients know you are taking this seriously.

Looking Toward The Future

Although the future is uncertain for many, running a business requires a bit of foresight. That means electricians are going to have to consider what their business will look like once the worst of the pandemic has ceased. Hopefully, for those members of the Contractors Society of America, they will be in great health, and thriving as leaders in their respective communities, including their digital ones.